Resin Infusion
Alchemy Composites fabricates and customizes quality prepreg (preimpregnated) carbon fiber prosthetic devices.
Thermoplastic material is a heat moldable material used in the prosthetics industry for test sockets, flexible inner sockets and for definitive rigid frames. This versatile material has the ability to be machined and used for reusable fabrication tooling.
Alchemy Composites...Where Material & Science Meet Art.

My name is Art Gagne and I am a certified prosthetist/orthotist, licensed in Florida, with experience in fabrication and interests in material science and developing new fabrication techniques/tooling.

I have always liked the idea of early scientists, or Alchemists, creating elixers in the glow of their candle lit medieval laboratories. I also enjoy creating new products and designs, though I use better lighting!

I learned “attention to detail” as it had been drilled into me while in the United States Air Force. Being a perfectionist made the transition easier! I became interested in the O&P field while on active duty. Once I completed my enlistment, I began working part time at the local “Brace and Limb” while completing prerequisites. I learned a great deal while working at the shop, which prepared me for the curriculum at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

I then relocated to west central Florida for my prosthetic residency, being certified in 2005, then to another local facility, where I completed my orthotics residency, being certified in 2007. Throughout this entire journey, the inventor within me began to document my ideas and sketched concepts only to file them under “ideas”. One day, while looking in my filing cabinet, I came across the “ideas” file. I was astonished at the contents that the file (time capsule) contained. It brought back a rush of creativity that was lost, due to the stresses of the daily grind. I am now able to focus 100% on my new endeavor while being cognizant of  our patients needs.